Friday, 9 December 2016

Beard chooses you - The tale of Mane & Men

Hello Lovely People,
It's your homeboy 'Bearded Baba' aka Nikhil here.

I am not a male chauvinist by any means but this Blog is about Beard. It may sound funny, but I am a fan of Beard and I am pretty sure many of you are too. Mind you, Raees is trending, Rahul isn't 😜. Completely agreed it's genetically driven, hence the saying, 'Grow what your Dad gave you'.

Trust me guys, you look awesome in Beard. Do not listen to that smooth faced friend of yours who asks you to shave and compares you with Dacoit. He is just jealous, as you have what he wants. If your Girl-friend has a good taste, she will absolutely love thy Beard. If she doesn't, you will have to change. Don't ask what, because if you sacrifice you beard for her, you deserve neither. Be rest assured, Men without Beard have a name, 'Women'. Prefer being Single over being a Women.

Your biggest threat is your own Mom. Is there any Mother in the world who loves Beard? She always wants you clean shaven and look like 4 at 28. You will have to tackle her. When asked to shave, give her Indian minster's assurance, change the topic, give silly reasons and run from the situation.
Job interviews and wedding ceremonies will empower her but you got to remain Strong & Bearded.

LoL, there are some scientific advantages of Beard too, but who needs them. Remember, your Beard is your mane that differentiates a Horse from a Donkey. May the weight of manhood never be too heavy for you and the tale of Men & Mane continue forever. However, readers it was all in a funny and sarcastic taste. But the eternal truth is, Beard doesn't make you a man, how you treat her does.

Men Against Rape & Descrimination

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